Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wait... where am I?

            Ok, so I found the prosperous side of New Delhi today.  After my first rickshaw ride, a clean metro-ride and even an open-air taxi ride (because we overshoot our destination), we arrived at the Cityside mall as an air-conditioned diversion for our day off.  It wasn’t exactly the top of list of things I wanted to see but apparently even people from India don’t like to go outside during the day this time of year!  The mall was air-conditioned and filled with American and European stores, playing American music.  I think I forgot where I was for an hour or two but right outside, there’s still so much poverty- child beggars and bone-skinny rickshaw drivers and piles of garbage. 
            We were planning on stopping at Delhimart, which is an open-air market with handcrafted native crafts and clothing but by the time it was cool enough to consider it, we were pretty worn out and ready for teatime at the hostel.  Tonight, we found a male escort so we’re going to the light and sound show at the Red Fort.  Time to tackle the shower!