Monday, 30 May 2011

Darn my weak American Immune system!

            So it turns out I have shingles, which is like chicken pox except the rash attacks your nerves instead of your skin.  So that explains my brain-splitting headaches, sore body, 102^ fever, nausea in addition to my increasingly painful rash.  The worse news is this could take 2-3 weeks to improve.  Today I’m going to pick up some anti-virals that hopefully will shorten the duration but the thought of feeling this terrible for the remainder of my trip is just unthinkable. My parents want me to come home early and I’m not ready to leave India but I’m in so much pain and it sounds like the best case scenario would be 10 day recovery.  It’s impossible to think rationally when there’s lightening bolts of throbbing constantly erupting in my head.  I know I’ll regret it if I fly home and recover quickly but right now a mattress that feels better than my hostel mattress (its equivalent to a yoga mat on a concrete floor- I tested it out) seems like enough reason to make the trip.  I'm trying to stay positive and mentally make myself better but its tough when I can't eat or sleep.  I’ll talk to Dr. Jolly about it this afternoon but since I keep feeling worse even when it doesn’t seem possible to feel sicker, I might cave and return to the States.  Keep praying for me!