Friday, 27 May 2011


               So I’m sharing the following story for the benefit of humanity and because it’s hysterical even though it’s embarrassing. I’ve been putting off laundry because they don’t let you do it yourself here.  I surprised myself with how strangely possessive I was of washing my own clothes but that’s the only option.  So when I spotted the housekeeper this morning, in my rush to get to the workshop, I flagged her down, thoughtlessly presented her my pile and proceeded on my merry way.  It was a last minute decision but I figured she would dump in the washer and returnmy clean clothes this afternoon. 
I didn’t think much about it until Rehka said she saw the laundry man surveying my items in the office, quizzically holdingup a bright purple sports bra.  I never expected a man would be going through my things piece by piece.   In the future, I know to launder my own undergarments- haha.  I definitely blushed when I heard that because it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out whose batch of clothes includes “Providence College Gaelic Society” T-shirts.  Now y’all are officially forewarned!
            This afternoon was fun- I sat with the girls and enjoyed some Indian soap operas.  I didn’t think it was possible to get much cheesier than “Days of our lives” but I think this show takes the cake!  I didn’t even understand what they were saying because it was all in Hindi but the bright colors, tacky soundtrack and exaggerated gestures gave me a pretty good idea of what was going on.
Rehka and I went to a nearby crazy market- here you could find McDonalds, KFC, a bunch of American stores as well as a ton of used bookstores, convenience shops, and people selling things on the street and generally, lots of insanity.  I picked up another kurta and soaked up the surrounding chaos.  There were blocks and blocks of crowded stores- we were there for a couple hours and we only covered half of it!  Here’s a video of the traffic on the rickshaw ride...
            On our way back, we stopped at the temple, which was infinitely quieter than the last time we visited.  I can’t remember which god that temple was dedicated to but Tuesday is his holy day, which leads to lines out the door, which is what happened the other day.  And there was keel (rice pudding) with dinner so I was smiling!  Time for a shower- I’ve noticed that there seems to be hot water only on hot weather days- it would be nice if it was the other way around. 

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