Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fallen trees, punk rockers, a confused Katie...

        So I just came back from lunch, and I’m all disoriented.  First of all, the lunch bell woke me up at 12:45 in the afternoon- fifteen hours of sleep with my insomniac intermission around 2 AM- I’ve never slept past 10 AM in the US!  And I heard a lot of slamming doors with heavy winds last night and it turns out there was a pretty huge storm so there’s puddles everywhere, and the tree fell down in front of the warden’s office.  And then at lunch, for the first time they didn’t serve the rice (chawal) and the bread (rotee) they normally do- instead a crispy flatbread.  Apparently, we are switching things up this Saturday!  I still haven’t been awake or alert enough to really figure out what I’m doing today but the Warden invited me along to celebrate her night off in Delhi.  I’ll probably take advantage of the afternoon to start formally writing up what I’ve been reading.

Fallen tree right outside the mess and the Warden's office

A photo to give some idea of the rickshaw experience- its blurry because they're so fast

An average lunch/ dinner- most people eat with their hands
In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my neighbor belting out Lady Antebellum’s “Need you now”.  The American influence here is fascinating- I saw “America’s Next Top Model” advertisements on the metro.  Also on the metro, I saw this punk boy in low jeans, overall edgy clothing, spiky hair, a pierced eyebrow rockin’ out to music playing on his phone.  He was looking pretty cool until someone called and his phone had a Justin Beiber ringtone… the chicks probably dig it here, but I was fairly unsuccessful in stifling that giggle. :P  I swear I’ve been more up to date with Hollywood gossip after five days of reading the Hindu Times than I have been before in my life!  It kind of makes me nervous how people like Paris Hilton symbolize America to many Indians…