Saturday, 9 March 2013

Another day in paradise!

Renata was an accounting acquaintance of my aunt who showed her friend and I around today.  We started off at a market that sold flowers, Portuguese food and assorted other things, drove by the stadium which will host the finals for the World Cup then went across the bridge to Niteroi, Rogerio’s town, which surpassed my expectations (although I didn’t have many expectations haha).  
One of the many beautiful views... the church on the hill in the background is supposed to be full of secrets haha
There were gorgeous views of the bay, people playing on the beach in their thong bikinis and speedos and interesting old buildings.  We went to the Contemporary Art Museum, a spaceship-shaped work of Oscar Niemeyer.  The art inside was pretty strange but you couldn’t beat the views!  We ate lunch in a very nice restaurant underneath it, looking out at the sailboats in the wind.
Me at the Contemporary Art museum
After that, we went up a verrry steep hill with hairpin turns up to the Parque da Cidade where parachuters jump.  We saw three people jump and glide through the sky.  It looks more fun that skydiving but I don’t know how much training is required.
Parachuter in the sky, one getting ready for lift-off
After that, we stopped at a church that’s a popular wedding spot for its excellent views.  And she pointed some sights out on the way back- the samba school, site of Carnival, her workplace, etc. and she dropped me so I could get ready to meet Vitor, my professional futebol playing CS-friend.  Time to go meet him!