Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Belly bursting banquet!

SO.  MUCH. FOOD.  How do these Taiwanese people stay so skinny?  I sat with the man from Taiwan National Normal University who offered me a job yesterday, his three cute kids, wife and a guy from Czech and Norway... maybe?  Somewhere cold.  On a related side note, if anyone knows someone who would be interested in working in Taipei to develop assessment for the effectiveness of the Taiwan Physics Olympic and International Young Physicists' Tournament training programs for three years, let me know and I can connect you!  Mandarin not required, although you would have to be a charades champion to survive without it in this country.
Anyway, excellent conversation and an endless supply of food- soup with a whole chicken, fish stew, cooked fish, raw fish, shrimp, soft-shell crab, pork chops, fish hot pot... I don't even know.  And five types of real fruit juice (the kiwi-pineapple was delicious).
So that was ridiculous.  Tomorrow's the last day of the conference- my agenda is breakfast with Penny and lunch with the TEAL team before Lei Bao takes off.  Enjoy pictures of maybe... 25-33% of the food that I saw tonight:
An assortment of appetizer-type things and the whole-chicken-soup on the right

Fish! And seafood stew

Preparing the hotpot... and some leftovers of various things- some sweet rice you eat 1 month after having a new baby apparently