Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Indian family

After my initial energy burst yesterday, I had a mini step backwards so I don't feel well enough for a full post but here's the last of my pictures and a quote I've been meaning to share.
From left to right: Rehka, me (on the edge of death before the plane ride), the Warden and Dr. Jolly in the chair

At the airport

Rehka and I at the mall on the second day... my tall blondeness blends right in! 
"From the very beginning, I was mesmerized by the great capital, so totally unlike anything I had ever seen before.  Delhi, it seemed at first, was full of riches and horrors; it was a labyrinth, a city of palaces, an open gutter, filtered light through a filigree lattice, a landscape of domes, an anarchy, a press of people, a choke of fumes, a whiff of spices" 
-William Dalrymple, City of Djinns: A year in Delhi (written in the 1980s)